Why Nobody Does Premium Travel like Budget Travelers

Most hard-working and responsible individuals rightfully look forward to enjoying some time off work officially, beyond the weekends and holidays, to go away on vacation. Unfortunately though, this reality comes with the limitation of only really being able to travel about once a year and maybe twice if you’re lucky. As a result, when we do go away on such escapes we really want to enjoy some of the finer aspects of what travel and tourism is all about, so often this means having saved up for the whole year and not having to worry about sparing costs.

We’re going to throw a spanner in the works though, in claiming that budget travelers probably do premium travel better than anybody else, including those wealthy travelers for whom luxury travel is the norm. There are a number of reasons for this.

Budget travelers know all about the other side

Budget travelers such as backpackers know all about the exact opposite of what premium travel is. As a result, when the opportunity to engage in some luxury travel arises, like taking a private jet, they take full advantage of all the luxurious aspects of everything to do with the trip. A budget traveler who finds herself flying in the Business Class cabin, by virtue of having been upgraded as part of the “instant-upgrade” class ticket they purchased, will savor every single aspect of flying Business, while the regular premium travelers she’ll be in the presence of probably take everything for granted and so they don’t quite indulge fully.

Budget travelers know the true value of travel-related products and services

Budget travelers are often very frequent travelers, some of whom are on the road for longer periods than they’re settled in just one location. As a result of constantly being on the road they very quickly develop a knack for an acquaintance with the true value of everything and anything to do with the travel industry. This often results in the ability to take advantage of some luxury travel opportunities as they present themselves on account of elements such as the weather. For instance, a premium room at a five-star hotel or resort might be about a fifth of the regular price because of it maybe being low-season, but that takes nothing away from all the comfort and luxury they enjoy access to having booked that room.

Making the most of a premium getaway

Finally, through a combination of racking up travel loyalty program points and some targeted saving for that periodic premium getaway, when budget travelers go premium, they do it thoroughly. They understand that the highest price one would have to pay does not necessarily proportionately translate to matching luxury, with some reasonably priced options such as Kolea Vacation Rentals demonstrating this beautifully. They don’t necessarily break the bank to enjoy some of the best in premium travel, deploying their smarts to continue sniffing out the best deals in everything which has to do with planning a trip.

So ask a budget traveler how to do it best if you want to enjoy a premium getaway!