What should you know when sailing in Spain?

Spain is a dream destination for all sailors — the varied coastline, beautiful beaches and crystal clear water make this picturesque country the perfect place to spend a summer vacation. Spain will delight all those who are looking for unique views, beautiful architecture and excellent conditions for sunbathing. Holidays in Spain are also an opportunity to try the local cuisine, which every time can delight all tourists with its taste.

Yacht charter in Spain is a great way to spend your vacation on the water! However, before you set off on a cruise, read the basic information that will help you plan your trip. Make sure that nothing surprises you on the spot, and that the vacation you are waiting for will go according to plan.

Yacht charter in Spain

Why should you choose Spain as the destination of your cruise? Sailing in these areas is favored primarily by the rich coastline, as well as numerous modern and well-equipped marinas and sailing centers. Most sailors head towards Barcelona, ​​forgetting about the existence of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, which offer equally good conditions and beautiful views.

The sailing season in Spain lasts from April to November — the exception is the Canary Islands, where the conditions allow sailing almost all year round. The climate in Spain can be considered diverse — in the south-east it is referred to as Mediterranean, while in the north-west regions it can be cool with rain showers. The closer we are to the south of Spain, the more we will feel the high temperature and dry air. The favorite area of ​​most sailors is the Balearic Sea basin, where the climate is so hot that the temperature even in winter is not less than 5 degrees Celsius. Have you been tempted by the holiday in Spain for a long time? Don’t wait — search for the right yacht and make a reservation!