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Getting the Most out of Your Visit to Conwy

Conwy is a town with no shortage in rich history, with the allure of the town mostly residing in the fact that most of this history is continuously being preserved. As one approaches and catches sight of the walls encircling the traditional buildings and structures, you already get the sense that you’re visiting quite a magical place, to say the least.

The colossal 13th century castle perhaps makes for the centrepiece of the medieval town, with some lush Welsh countryside surrounding the area. There’s no doubt about the fact that this is one of the area’s most beautiful places to visit.

A good number of amenities are accessible at the Quay, with visitors delighting in its beauty particularly during the warmer months of summer. Enjoy a refreshing beverage just outside the quayside pub or immerse yourself in the excitement of a boat tour which will take you all around the coastal area. Even hikers will have no shortage of some outdoor action here with the surrounding mountains screaming to be explored.

There are plenty of places to eat and drink in Conwy, whether your fussy stomach will only be satisfied with some fine dining or indeed if you want to go a bit more traditional with your Conwy gastronomic adventure. Fine dining restaurants are plentiful, so too are cosy little cafes and traditional pubs, all of which are littered right across the town.

By way of accommodation, choices are aplenty as well, with a good number of hotels and guesthouses/B&Bs, however it comes highly recommend to perhaps stay in a holiday cottage as this will give you the most authentic feel of what it’s like to be a resident of this medieval town, albeit only for the short while over which you’ll be enjoying your visit. You will definitely have to do a bit of tailored searching, but that said one of the most alluring properties of most places of accommodation in Conwy is indeed that they’re typically located very close to the castle, so if your bedroom window doesn’t give you some or other view of the castle, taking a stroll just outside probably will. Additionally, this would mean that access to the castle itself can be as easy as a short walk to enjoy at will.

Despite its rather quaint and somewhat quirky appearance, the unsuspecting visitor to the town may conclude that it’s quite the challenge to access, but it really isn’t. Two major airports are within a little over an hour’s drive, located in the major towns of Manchester and Liverpool, otherwise one can really make a sightseeing trip of their visit to Conwy by using the train, which runs into Conwy from the UK’s major cities.

Beyond the immediate surroundings encircling the castle however lies a lot more to see and do, so it’s definitely worth exploring the rest of Conwy County. An impressive selection of coastal towns only serves to add to the dramatic scenery, with local authorities, residents and even visitors all doing their bit to preserve the region’s historic charm.

There are plenty of places to stay in and around Conwy, holiday cottages in Wales are by far the best.

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