Steps to Becoming a Professional Skier

Do you love to ski? Whether you’ve been skiing since you were a child or have just had your first lesson and are totally hooked, you might be wondering what you will need to do to become a professional in this sport. Playing asport you love professionally is the dream life; you’ll get paid to do something that you really enjoy, along with the opportunity to get better and better and reach the top of your game. However, skiing at a professional level does not come easy and there are lots of things that you’ll need to do beforehand to get yourself to this level. We’ve listed the steps to take if you want to start skiing professionally.


If you want to become a professional skier, then you’ll need to live and breathe the sport. Getting as much experience on the slopes as you can, is vital. Taking a job teaching other people to ski or living and working at a ski resort is a great way to get this type of experience whilst working on your skills and technique. You’ll need to be dedicated; professional skiers spend hours practicing every day!


When you are a professional skier, your livelihood will be made up of competitions and, obviously, the more that you win, the better. If you aspire to ski professionally in the future, then you’ll need to start entering as many competitions as you can to try and get some wins to your name. Even if you start off small with friendly local competitions, this is a great way to get your skills noticed and, of course, any victories will look great on your sporting resume.


If you are considering going to college in the future then you might want to think about majoring in a sports subject, to gain more skiing experience and learn more about every aspect of playing a sport professionally. However, college is no cheap experience, which is why many professional sports players get their college degree on the back of a sports scholarship. If you are good enough, there are plenty of opportunities for getting accepted on a sports scholarship program, with golf scholarships, basketball, baseball, football, and of course, even skiing scholarships available. Bear in mind that to major in skiing at college, you’ll need to choose your school wisely – somewhere with slopes nearby or even on campus is ideal.

Get Noticed

Finally, to make it big as a professional skier, you’ll need to get noticed. To do this, one of the best ways is to put yourself out there in front of professional coaches and team captains. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using your online presence. Posting videos of yourself skiing on social media and YouTube can be a great way to gain more exposure. It also provides you with an easy way to send videos directly to coaches around the U.S. and even worldwide.

Do you dream of becoming a professional skier? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.