How to Stay Fit While Backpacking

Backpacking is often a rite of passage, a journey that teaches you a lot about yourself. Many people choose to take a trek across a foreign, unknown country or continent in order to make the transition from being young to growing up, and it is often an experience that makes you realise just how different our many cultures are. Whether you are looking to explore the delights and wonders of Asia, or take in some of the sights of the great cities of Europe, you have plenty of choice, and if you plan your itinerary carefully you can make the most of your journey.

Then there is local food: it’s always worth checking out the local cuisine when on the move, as you never know what delights you might find that you can try when you get back home. However, despite being on the move, all that extra food can lead to you putting on weight, so you need to be careful to eat healthily but enjoy it and not overdo it. Also, long bus journeys and other forms of travel can lead to little exercise, so you need to make sure you get your exercise in and stay fit.

Outdoor Gyms

You might have a regular exercise routine back home, and there is no reason why you can’t keep it up when travelling. For example, if you carry a yoga mat – cheap, light and portable – you will be able to carry out sit-ups and more wherever you are, and also take the time to meditate and relax. Then there’s the new trend that is springing up all over the world, in some amazing places and wonderful towns and cities: the outdoor gym, which is a welcome bonus for travellers.

Outdoor gyms tend to be in public parks and are usually free, and you will find simple equipment such as chinning bars that is great for less complex exercising. It’s also fun as many other people will also use the gym, so you may make new friends or meet fellow travellers. There is plenty of information on travelling to most places across the world, so check out the location of your nearest outdoor gym, get yourself some new workout gear – don’t forget to check sites like to see if there are any discounts to be had first – and make sure you get the exercise you need for the journey that awaits you.

Other Exercise

If you jog, there is nothing stopping you taking a run in the local park, so look for the one where other people are jogging and join them. Or, you might want to hire a bike and take a cycle trip around the city, and see what you can find while getting in some useful exercise. It’s a great way of seeing the sites you might miss when using public transport, too.

Most of all, when backpacking, be sure to be vigilant and make sure you have contact at all times, enjoy yourself and let someone know where you will be at any given time, and make sure you keep fit so you can tackle whatever you find ahead of you.