Safe Motorcyclist: A Checklist for New Riders

There are many things to consider when you buy a vehicle, and the motorcycle is no different from other modes of transportation. Some may argue that bikers need to buy a few more things than those with other types of vehicles. The following are some of the things you need to buy along with your new two-wheeled vehicle.

The Helmet

Most bikers could probably point out a few films or TV shows that do not give much importance to a helmet. Sometimes, films show bikers riding around without helmets, but this is vital for motorcyclists for their own safety. You are going to have to make sure yours fits comfortably since it is going to be sitting on top of your head for some time. Go in for a proper fitting to ensure the helmet fits.

The Attire

The next thing you shoulder consider is your attire. Most bikers use specialized or padded attire to ensure they are as safe as possible. Keep in mind that an accident means that you are going to hit the ground. Your skin and bones are not as strong as you might think they are, meaning they could use extra padding. Some of this attire is thin enough to wear under regular clothes, which makes them easier to wear.

Shoes and Gloves

For the most part, these accessories will help protect you just like your clothes and helmet, but they do serve other purposes. It is important that you purchase motorbike-specific gloves and shoes because they will not only give you protection but also a better grip. Grip is important so that you do not lose balance. Bikers use their feet to rest during stops. Gloves need grip because you will be using your hands to control speed, and precision is vital when riding. Consider getting black shoes and gloves because these are a little more versatile though it does depend on you in the end.

Bike Insurance

Hopefully, you are never in an accident or discover that your bike has sustained some damage, but these are possible. You have to accept this reality and should be prepared to deal with any outcome, which means you need insurance. Motorcycle insurance comes in many shapes and sizes, so make sure that you buy one that offers the kinds of perks that suit your needs, as well as one that covers the type of bike that you’re wishing to ride. For example, if you have just purchased a 125cc motorcycle, then looking for a plan that is the cheapest 125cc motorbike to insure is definitely something you should look into before taking the plunge and buying a plan that doesn’t offer what you need. Dealing with the costs associated with an accident or a damaged bike can be overwhelming, but good insurance should help alleviate that headache. Keep in mind that you probably are going to be dealing with legal fees if you pursue legal justice after an accident, so you’ll need your money.

The aforementioned brushes some of the things you need as a biker, but there is a lot more like an isolated spine armor, which is normally sold separately. These are relatively expensive, but your spine is vital for mobility so it wise to protect it. Do your best to acquire some of the things mentioned here because they are all important for your safety. You might even want to take a few defensive driving classes because other vehicles on the road are your enemy.