Persian Gulf – The New Adventurer’s Utopia

You wouldn’t even have to look hard to find pictures of this comparison online, but if you were indeed to have a look at the way the Persian Gulf territories looked a mere 30 years ago, it would be hard to believe how things are now, even if you’re witnessing it all with your own two eyes! I mean look, even if you’re perhaps just transitioning through Abu Dhabi International Airport, as many flights around the world do, when the plane approaches the runway to land, a selection of some bright lights suggest to you that you’re actually coming to a very special place.

This is particularly true when it’s dark – I mean I personally couldn’t help but feel as if there is just so much more to offer when I spotted what looked like some flashing neon lights akin to those you might in Las Vegas. Of course, the difference was indeed that in true neo Middle Eastern style as has come to be the norm, things were a lot more extravagant. I swear it looked more like flashing neon lights which belonged to just one penthouse apartment type joint! I don’t know – perhaps it’s intentional too, you know, like someone is trying to subtly tell you that you should actually make the that part of the world your destination in the near future.

Travel in the Persian Gulf is definitely the future and dare I say, the future is now!

From an adventurer’s point of view, I can’t say there is a better place to visit, especially if you plan to mix it up a bit by way of the actual destinations, so the likes of Qatar should definitely be on the itinerary and not just Dubai where everybody seems to go.

In fact, behind all the headlines which were in any case something of a fleeting flash in the pan, Qatar is still very much the growing destination of choice for those of us who are inclined to embrace our inner adventure traveller’s soul and get right into all the fun activities surrounding that. I swear bro – there is perhaps no greater concentration of venues at which one can explore their extreme sports streak to their heart’s content.

In fact, this place holds something for everyone who comes here. The visitors just need to be familiar with the place, maybe through a Qatar Travel Guide to figure out what particular interests of theirs would get entertained here. I mean hey, it’s basically a desert, but guess what? If you want to go snowboarding in that part of the world – you can go snowboarding and at no small scale!

As far as it goes with the costs of getting there, the Qataris are perhaps doing the entire world a real favour in that that oil money is being channelled into tourism at a very rapid rate. That’s perhaps kind of the reason why you can book a low-cost flight with Qatar Airways and enjoy travelling like royalty – they are in a position to exploit their naturally abundant resources to focus on simply creating a super customer experience, so you never get the feeling that the airline actually needs your money!

I reckon all they need to do in that part of the world is officially declare themselves the adventure traveller’s utopia. In the meantime, I’ll do the honours for them!