The Perfect Gift For The Adrenaline Junky

If you need to get a gift for someone who is a downright adrenaline junkie, then a PS4 or an iPhone may not quite cut the mustard. Why not think outside the box and give them an experience they are likely to remember for the rest of their lives and upload a trillion photos to Instagram.

A gift doesn’t and shouldn’t always come in the form of an object. Here are some suggested activities to get the heart-rate up and excitement pounding!

Bungee jumping

All humans are born with an instinctive fear of falling – in fact, babies are tested in the first minutes of life for the reflex flinch that occurs when we feel ourselves falling, to test their alertness – and for some, feeling that tingle of terror is what gets them going. Bungee jumping is a great way to test your nerves – and if jumpers are acting a little confidently, the operators will sometimes torment them by pushing them off backwards, before they are ready or even hold up a cut rope end with a faux-dismayed look as the jumper begins to plummet towards the ground!

Zip wire

For those who want to experience the velocity of an uncontrolled fall without the actual experience of uncontrollably falling, or the uncomfortable upside-down position at the end of a bungee jump, there is the zip wire: a seated slide down the side of a mountain, suspended from a sturdy cable. Zip-wire users (zippers?) can reach speeds of up to fifty miles per hour, while bungee jumpers, after the first twelve seconds, can be falling at up to fifty metres per second (which is around 110 miles per hour, so pretty speedy!).

Driving experiences
There are many experience days operators which offer a range of driving experiences. These are a brilliant way for the inner speed demon to be satisfied without risking other lives or incurring points on one’s driving licence. These experiences offer everyday people the chance to learn how to handle powerful vehicles, then put them through their paces in the safety of a race track environment. Driving experiences can include rally driving, racing, or simply having a go in a supercar, and feeling the growl of many horsepower from under the bonnet.


For those for whom zip wires are tame, and bungee jumps not quite long enough, there is sky diving. Sky divers fling themselves into the huge expanse of the sky, free-falling for long minutes (which can lead to them reaching terminal velocity, somewhere around one hundred and twenty-plus miles per hour!) before triggering the parachute that will bring them safely down to earth. Experienced sky divers can form patterns and designs in the sky before landing, meaning that there is always a new target to be strived for: more people in formation, more complex patterns, and so on.

These are just five suggestions for adrenaline-pumping activity days, perfect for stimulating and exciting your nerves. Go alone or with a friend, or even in a group of friends to provide support and encourage as you all test your nerve!