How to have a wild time on a Far East trip

Plus: Agriturismi in Sardinia; lessons in Portuguese cuisine; let down by price guarantee

Chris Tyler

Counter-culture luminary who, in 1971, founded Skewjack surf village in Cornwall with the promise of two girls for every boy

How surfing swapped spliffs for natural highs in pursuit of Olympic pipe dream

Hollywood depictions have been consigned to history to help acquire place on biggest stage, Alex Wade reports

Snowboarder Estelle Balet, 21, killed by avalanche as she filmed descent

An extreme snowboarding champion was killed yesterday when an avalanche swept her 800 metres down the mountain while she was filming a dangerous descent in the Swiss Alps.

All downhill as snowboarding’s popularity slides

For a decade snowboarding took ski slopes by storm but now the industry it spawned is sliding downhill faster than an Olympic champion.

Skydiver plunges into history books at 120mph … without a parachute

Plummeting 25,000ft at 120mph on Saturday night, Luke Aikins became the first person to jump from that height without a parachute or a wingsuit.

Skydiving in thunderclouds

Skydiving is not an activity for the faint-hearted — and it is no surprise that enthusiasts steer clear of thunderclouds, to avoid being struck by lightning.

Ice queen is ready to scale new heights

An Irishwoman from Co Tyrone will be ringing in the new year as she spent most of 2016: hanging off the side of a frozen waterfall in Korea.

Free climbing: no rope, no help, no plan B

Alex Honnold is the world’s most daring free climber, scaling sheer rock faces without any support. What makes him take such risks?

Northampton criticised but not punished over North head injury

Northampton should not have allowed George North to continue playing after he sustained a head injury but they will not be punished, a concussion review panel announced this afternoon. The Wales wing, 24, was injured during a