The motorcycle market is growing at full throttle

Rich baby boomers are buying the models they coveted in their youth

Triumph feels good vibrations

Britain’s biggest motorcycle maker has reported a near-doubling of annual profit to £16.6 million while global revenue has jumped £56.3 million to £407.6 million.

Dr Mark Porter: How to keep your heart healthy over 40

Heart problems affect seven million of us. Our columnist has reduced his own risk by changing his lifestyle, and by following his advice you can improve your health too

Annuitants forced to ‘shop around’

Buyers must weigh up before they pay up

A Guide to the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

The best view of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is probably the one from the edge of the diving board, but if you haven’t the stomach for staring down at the water 27 metres below,

Take the plunge in a Scottish stream

Beating the heat doesn’t have to mean joining the jams to the beach. Stephen Bleach takes the plunge from on high into a Scottish stream

King of the mountain: we meet Yvon Chouinard

The cult hero and former climber founded the outerwear brand Patagonia in the 1960s. Now it’s experiencing a renaissance among Silicon Valley execs and hipsters, with global sales soaring to £650m

Fire services paying five times over the odds for kit

Fire services are spending vastly different amounts on basic items of equipment, with some shelling out almost £3,000 more for ladders or £27,000 more for an officer’s vehicle.

Divers stranded in shark-infested sea after boat vanishes

A British couple who went scuba diving off the coast of Mauritius spent seven hours drifting in shark-infested waters after they became separated from their dive boat and swept out to sea.

Backpacker died on her first scuba dive

A series of failings caused a British backpacker to drown on the Great Barrier Reef during her first dive, a coroner ruled yesterday.