Under The Influence: Overcoming Adrenaline Addiction

The chemical we all know as adrenaline is also commonly referred to as the “fight or flight” drug.  Those who experience a sudden influx of epinephrine usually feel scared and uncomfortable, but the body and mind can build a tolerance.  Continued exposure to elevated adrenaline levels can subsequently lead to an addiction.  

Once a person learns to adapt to high levels of epinephrine in the brain, they no longer experience uncomfortable levels of fear.  The fear turns to excitement, power, and satisfaction.  The fear turns to a natural high, and some people become obsessed with recreating that feeling over and over again.  

Adrenaline junkies work in very much the same way as a heroin addict or alcoholic.  They will risk their safety and the safety of others to reach the desired chemical plateau.  Take a moment to read through a few helpful suggestions and tools for overcoming the power of an adrenaline addiction.

Dual-diagnosis treatment options

Sometimes the best way to conquer addiction of any kind is to seek out professional therapy and inpatient treatment.  Adrenaline addiction is typically triggered by some sort of traumatic event.  Dual-diagnosis addiction therapy will address the physical and psychological reasoning behind the addictive and risky behavior associated with adrenaline addiction.  

Though large doses of adrenaline may not seem as dangerous as a shot of heroin, the behaviors associated with so called “adrenaline junkies” are often extremely dangerous and life threatening.  

A structured exercise regimen

Adrenaline addicts have trained their bodies to produce more epinephrine than they would under normal circumstances.  Coming down from the self-induced rush of chemicals can be challenging.  

A structured exercise regimen can help to redirect some of the excess energy into a positive outlet.  Research low-impact exercise routines, and avoid excess cardio, as it will only feed the adrenaline addiction.  

Yoga and meditation exercises

When properly integrated, yoga can reshape the way energy flows through an individual.  Yoga is spiritually and physically driven and focuses on control.  When consistently performed, yoga and meditation practices can calm the mind, body, and spirit.  It is an excellent way to center one’s emotional state and relax.  

Cut out stimulants of all kinds

Anyone who enjoys the rush of adrenaline can safely say that it is time to cut out all outside stimulants.  Drinking a Redbull, a cup of coffee, or a shot of 5-hour energy may have been a go-to behavior in the past, but it is an absolute “no-no” for someone seeking rehabilitation.

Limit time spent on electronic devices

Electronic devices keep us awake at night.  Video games spike our excitement and cause a rush of urgency intermittently throughout play.  If it is not feasible to cut out electronics completely, it will be beneficial to at least limit access for a while.