The Gentleman’s Guide to Stylish Travel

Travel and going on adventures are something we all can look forward to, no matter how young or old we might be. The only difference is that going on adventure travels might mean something different to a 20-year-old as opposed to a 40 or 50-year-old. The main difference won’t be in what you can do, but what you want to do. You might not want to go skydiving, for example, but being financially stable later on in life can mean you actually end up enjoying your adventures so much more. Want to go on a skiing holiday? Now you can rent out your own chalet. Want to go on a motorcycling road trip through Europe? Now you can enjoy a nice stay at a hotel at the end of the day.

The point is, age is no barrier to travel, so long as you stay fit and eat right. What it should instead be is an opportunity for you to enjoy your adventures in absolute style. 

Update Your Travel Wardrobe

The best way to support your body on any adventure you go on is to get the right gear. If you want to go on a multi-day hike, then getting specifically designed clothes that help you stay dry and warm, will be key. The better your wardrobe can support your adventures, the more you can enjoy your adventures day in and day out. This applies even if you are going on a romantic anniversary trip with your partner. By choosing items that you are comfortable in and suit the climate, you can stay out longer and still enjoy yourself. The only thing to consider from there is how stylish it is and how good you look in it.

Keep Yourself Well-Groomed

One of the biggest tell-tale signs of ageing is deterioration of the skin. Over years and years of shaving, the top layers of the skin begin to break down and make older men more prone to wrinkling and discolouration. One key way to avoid this is by investing in a razor that will give you a close shave and prevent dragging over hairs. Using disposable razors is one of the biggest culprits in dragging hairs and causing irritation to the skin. Consider switching to straight razors like those on Get Razor Advice.

Make Your Aging a Key Accessory 

As we get older, our body changes. While a healthy diet and regular exercise can help you stay fit and active for years, it cannot stop the natural progression of aging. Eyesight, for example, will start to worsen naturally as the years go on. Just because you now need glasses to read the menu at the ski chalet or whatever adventure retreat you are on, however, doesn’t mean that you are “too old.” It only means you have the opportunity to add a pair of stylish mens glasses to your travel wardrobe. For travel, the only thing you might consider changing out is getting a cord to keep your glasses around your neck or, alternatively, to get a few pairs of affordable glasses for your travels. 

Invest in The Best Toys of the Trade

The older you are, the more you understand yourself. If you love skiing, for example, then you can safely invest in better equipment and know that it is money well spent. Investing in this way will allow you to enjoy the best toys of the trade, whether that is a helmet-attached camera, or a comfortable, cross-country motorbike.

Staying stylish when you travel is all about comfort and luxury. As you get older, you can invest in better, more high-quality toys and gadgets to help us have fun. Just remember to support your body as it is. You can look great in glasses, for example, if you have the right frames, and using these tools can help you be comfortable and enjoy your adventure without worry.