A gadget you shouldn’t leave home without

Travelling with a multi-tool

Whether you are backpacking around Europe staying in hostels and hotels, or camping throughout the deepest darkest Papuan rainforest, you would be silly to travel without taking along with you a multitool of some type. Experienced backpackers and travellers from all around the world claim that having a multitool with them has saved a lot of time in fixing minor problems, with some even stating that such a tool has saved their life. Multitools are well known for having a plethora of different gadgets that can spring or twist out at the touch of a button. This means that they are always ready for action and in an emergency could potentially be invaluable to have on your side.


An old favourite

One type of multitool that seems to have been around for years in the Leatherman. Those with any type of DIY, mechanical or engineering background would suggest that you don’t even bother looking at other brands as the Leatherman’s reputation is the best around. They combine high quality materials with clever designs and a competitive price. For the budget conscious out there, there are simple tools that can get most important jobs done. For those looking to spend a little more, there are several impressive models that have almost too many options to chose from!



A super tool


For one of the really impressive models, it would be advised to check out a supertool such as Leatherman 300. Here is a great review for it, http://bestmultitoolkit.com/reviews/leatherman-super-tool-300-multi-tool-review/.


This model seems to boast over 20 different features and is one of the tougher, more durable products out there. It appears that this particular product was on sale for many years but had a brief reprise to be tweaked and amended. The demand for this specific tool was clearly so high though, that it was brought back into manufacture very quickly.



Traveling with a Leatherman

Whilst this tool could definitely help get you out a tricky situation, there are a few things to bare in mind. It isn’t exactly heavy, compared to everything else you are carrying around, but it isn’t the lightest model out there. It might be worth considering if you are able to take an extra 300g around with you. If you can afford to carry it around, It really does seems like it would be a worthwhile option. However, it would be advisable to check out the specific features to see if they would be appropriate for your own needs. If you felt like some of them might not be quite necessary, this product has a great feature that some of the gadgets are removable and replaceable. That way you can potentially choose which tools to take with you, or even just leave some behind at home.


If you wanted to spring for a slightly lighter option there are a huge array to choose from. It would be recommended to only buy from Leatherman direct when possible. This is because Leatherman offer a fantastic 25 year guarantee on all of their products. Unfortunately for travellers, this doesn’t include if the product is lost or stolen (which seems to be the biggest problem whilst on the road) however it does cover against breakages. This knowledge that the product is covered by the company is always a comfort when so far away from home!




Safety first


Which ever product you do decide is best for you, please do be sure to check official regulations of taking a multitool with you from country to country. As the products often include a sharp knife it would be wise to check the local laws surrounding carrying such an item before you travel.