Extreme Sports on the Go

If you are a true dedicated sports buff or an avid adrenaline junkie, you know there is no offseason. Each time of year is just another chance to enjoy a different kind of sport. For those of us who live our lives outdoors, whether it is snowing, raining, windy, or the sun is shining, each day is another shot at obtaining immortal glory in the pantheon of extreme sports.

However, achieving that goal requires us to travel to the environment best for whatever sport we wish to partake in. Below are three of the most popular thrill-seeking sports and where you have the best chance of enjoying them to the fullest.


There are few sports more exhilarating than white water rafting. The unpredictable waves, the unwitting chance of falling into chilling water, the physical strength and cunning imaginative strategy needed to maneuver through it are enough to make any thrill seeker drool.

In order to find the best channels, you will want to head on down to Georgia. With several different opportunities to hop on a raft and navigate the rapids, Georgia takes the cake in this sports.

There are six major rafting companies that offer trips on the Chattahoochee, the Chattooga, and the Ocoee and you can start this hobby while you are young. Most places only ask that you be seven years old or 60+ pounds.  

ATV Trails

Have you ever been four-wheel riding? Four wheelers, side by sides and ATVs of all kinds have paved the way to discovering the places in nature that we would otherwise not be able to explore.

It can be the chance for a couple to get away to a private picnic, an escape for the individual from the mundane routine of a stressful life, or a great opportunity for racing fellow ATV specialists.

This past time is popular all over the U.S. but has developed quite a niche in the Centennial State, Colorado. Colorado offers a great variety of trails to travel. From beginners to experts, there are several ways you can satisfy your adrenaline requirement.

Travel the Grand Mesa Trails. These offer dense forest, lakes, and grassland that can cater to all levels of expertise. Want a different kind of view? Try the Central City/ Saint Mary’s network and you could get a close-up view of a glacier.


Another sport many dedicate time and energy to perfecting is that of hiking. Sure, there are several trails all over the United States that cater to the curiosity of the beginning Lewis and Clark adventurers.

However, real backpacking should be left to the experts. A challenging hike will require a good pair of waterproof, slip-resistant boots, food rations for about three days, a good first-aid kit, and a good amount of rope. That’s just to begin with.

More challenging trails will have rocky paths, rock ledges, and rivers that only the most experience should attempt to forge. The best place to find this kind of adrenaline rush is in Arizona. The Camelback Mountain trail offers a rewarding panoramic view from the summit over 2,700 ft above sea level.

Want to experience the vastness of the extreme sports possibilities the United States has to offer? Refer to this article as often as you like for a helpful hand in the right direction.