Three Extreme Sports Heroes

Since the turn of the millennium, extreme sports have become increasingly popular, especially with the younger generation.People all over the world have taken up skating, snowboarding and even scootering in an effort to stay active and get their adrenaline fix.

In this time, a number of professionals have risen to the top of their ranks and become famous for their bravery and skill. Social media has given extreme sports stars a global platform, but it’s not all about showing off what they can do.While there is a competitive element to most extreme sports, there is also a great sense of community, and of helping those burgeoning sportsmen and women who are just starting out.

Here are just three of the most inspiring extreme sports personalities of this decade.

Jeremy Malott, Professional Scooterer

This 18-year-old scooter rider from California is well revered in the extreme sports community for his smooth style, his victories in the US Championship and his support of other young riders. Jeremy is also a BMX professional whose ultimate goal is to inspire young people like himself to stay active and to love their sport.

Never heard of scootering? Although it’s not as well known as other extreme sports, scootering is steadily climbing the popularity ranks, especially among teenagers. Much like BMX and skateboarding, scootering is incredibly sociable, plus there are lots of impressive tricks to learn. If you’re a beginner, novice or pro looking for a new scooter, check out the Skates range of Blunt Envy scooters for lightweight and reliable, high-quality scooters. The site also sells decks, bars, wheels and other accessories to help get you set up.

Elias Williams, Photographer and Fundraiser

Once a prolific rider, Elias Williams was forced to curb his BMX (bicycle motocross) riding at just 25following a serious accident. It’s not all doom and gloom, however, as Williams is now a celebrated BMX photographer, raising funds to support the biking community in the Bronx and bring attention to misunderstood groups in the area.

While Williams may not perform 180-degree turns or spin in mid-air as he once did, his project, “Underground Never Dies: BMX in the Bronx” is showcased in The New York Times, as well as in some of America’s most prestigious galleries.

Clair Marie, Professional BASE Jumper, Rock Climber and Bike Rider

Amazingly, Clair Marie started BASE-jumping at just eight years old. Since then, she has been named the youngest female in the sport’s history and has been awarded a number of other accolades. Marie now shares her passion with others around the world, teaching her skills to people of all ages and abilities. She is also a stunt woman for commercials and movies. In other words: could she be any cooler?

What Do They Have in Common?

It’s heartwarming to know that many of these influencers use their success to fundraise, to smash gender stereotypes and to help young people discover their talent. If these sporting heroes have inspired you to get started, check out the popular extreme sports destinations in your area and keep an eye out for local groups you can join.