Extreme Sports Activities in Scotland

Part of the fun of being an extreme sports enthusiast is the ability to travel from place to place in search of your next intoxicating rush of adrenalin. While traveling to remote tropical paradises is something we all like to do, you’d be pleasantly surprised at the extreme sports option that may be right on your doorstep or places you may never have considered before. With its mountainous regions, open countryside and miles of coastline, Scotland is a haven for extreme sports.

Your Base Camp

Traveling across the Scottish wilderness means you need a reliable car or campervan, such as a Toyota, that can handle rugged terrain. If you have traveled overseas and looking for something suitable while you’re here, or want something new for your travels, then searching for new Toyota dealers Scotland is a good place to start. Having a campervan is a great base for any extreme sports holiday and something that will become your home away from home.

Cliff Sports

The dramatic Scottish scenery makes it a great place for cliff sports. Ever fancied descending a cliff face facing forward? Based in Perthshire, Nae Limits is where you get an alternative look at abseiling. If you want even more of a rush, try cliff jumping with the team at FreeSpirits, also in Perthshire. Instructors are on hand to tell you exactly how to jump and enter the water, and there is one leap from a 40ft height that only the brave should try!

Water Sports

Scotland is a place full of tumbling rivers, and great for water sports such as rafting. You can take part in exhilarating river rafting in various locations including rivers Tay and Tummel. Hold on as you plunge over drops and get soaked as you steer your way through the rapids!

Up in the Air

Travel to the island of Aran to experience paragliding, and see the beautiful Scottish scenery from an aerial view. Feeling the pull of the thermal air currents is a natural thrill that is not to be missed.

Motor Sports

Scotland has lots of extreme motorsports, including Knockhill Racing Circuit where you can drive a Ferrari, Aston Martin or a Jaguar through the circuit and test your skills on the twists and turns.

If it is more adventure you’re after, try one of the many off-road driving courses on offer, where you can take a 4×4 through some amazing and testing terrain.

Snow Sports

Scottish ski resorts are where you can enjoy the thrill of gliding over fresh power on skis or a snowboard. The CairnGorm National Park is a place where novices and the experienced can master their skills on the slopes.

The call of your next adventure is not to be ignored! While Scotland might not be the sunniest place to spend a holiday, for thrill seekers it has some of the best habitats to explore. Only folks with true grit can handle what Scotland has to offer, so if you think you have what it takes, it’s time to take a trip!