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Top Reasons Why You Have To See Elusive Wild Dog On An East African Safari

One of the lesser-known predators that roam the African plains is the wild dog which are an interesting species for those who discover them.  While cats such as lions, cheetahs, and leopard might have overshadowed them in

Why Nobody Does Premium Travel like Budget Travelers

Most hard-working and responsible individuals rightfully look forward to enjoying some time off work officially, beyond the weekends and holidays, to go away on vacation. Unfortunately though, this reality comes with the limitation of only really being

3 Tips For Preparing Your Teen For Their First Solo Road Trip

Having a teen driver can be both a blessing and a curse. While you’re no longer the one who has to chauffeur them around to school, practice, social events and more, you also have to trust your

The Best Beaches for Surfing in the UK

When you think of surfing, the beaches in the UK might not initially spring to mind which is something that needs to be changed as soon as possible.

All about yacht racing – Boats For Sale

Are you a keen sailor? Have you ever thought about what the next step could be to elevate your passion? Consider yacht racing! It might be exactly what you need to bring your dreams to life! Here

The Gentleman’s Guide to Stylish Travel

Travel and going on adventures are something we all can look forward to, no matter how young or old we might be. The only difference is that going on adventure travels might mean something different to a

Ways To Prepare For Your Next Adventure

An adventurer at heart but a beginner? Ready to explore the world but have no idea where to start? There are many ways you can prepare for your next big adventure to make sure you are at

Dark Tourist Destinations In The United States

If you’re not familiar with the concept of dark tourism, take a second to become enlightened.  Dark tourism refers to destinations around the world which are exploited for tourism purposes, but they have a sinister history associated

Places To Travel For Outdoor Sporting Activities

There are all sorts of different reasons to travel. However, if you’re a sports enthusiast, you can narrow down some of the more exciting options right off the bat. Yes, there are many different sporting activities, but

Extreme Sports Activities in Scotland

Part of the fun of being an extreme sports enthusiast is the ability to travel from place to place in search of your next intoxicating rush of adrenalin. While traveling to remote tropical paradises is something we