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The Health Benefits of Kitesurfing

To an outsider, kitesurfing may look like an extreme sport that isn’t accessible to a normal person like you or I. But this is one of the biggest misconceptions around kitesurfing. Anyone with an average level of

What are the Benefits of Taking Whey Protein?

If you are around the gym a lot or have a group of fitness buffs, then you may have heard them talking about whey protein. If this sounds foreign to you, do not get worried as this

What should you know when sailing in Spain?

Spain is a dream destination for all sailors — the varied coastline, beautiful beaches and crystal clear water make this picturesque country the perfect place to spend a summer vacation. Spain will delight all those who are

Fall Travel Destinations For Bachelors

Dudes! It’s almost fall, and temperatures are beginning to cool down. The activities of summer have kept you busy for that last few months, but now it’s time to shift the vibe a bit. Fall brings along

Fancy your Chances at the Races?

March 2017 sees the World Famous Gold Cup in Cheltenham, UK. This well-known sporting event is the highlight to the racing calendar and seems many novice gamblers and experienced betters attend. If you fancy taking part this

Northampton criticised but not punished over North head injury

Northampton should not have allowed George North to continue playing after he sustained a head injury but they will not be punished, a concussion review panel announced this afternoon. The Wales wing, 24, was injured during a

Liddell to lead church abuse review group

A Labour veteran will lead an independent group monitoring the Catholic church’s response to child sexual abuse — 16 months after it was called for by an official report.