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5 Low Impact Exercises Which Burn Calories

Whether you’ve suffered an injury or simply don’t like working out, not getting exercise will eventually start to affect your body’s composition.  It’s in your best interest to live an active lifestyle which gets your heart pumping

3 Things To Speed Up Healing After A Sports Injury

Regardless of how careful you are, there’s always a chance that you could sustain some type of injury. Especially if you’re active and pushing your body to go past its normal limits, it’s likely that you’ll at

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Athletes

Most pro teams keep physical therapists on the payroll because injuries on the court or field need to be assessed and addressed immediately. If you’ve ever seen a player go down, the coach and physical therapist are

3 Ways to Safely Use Pain Medication After A Sports Injury

When you get a sports injury, the pain associated with this injury can often lead someone to be prescribed pain medication from a doctor. This pain medication is meant to help the injured patient manage their pain

3 Reasons Athletes Turn To Drugs

It seems as if every time that you look at the news you hear of some athlete which has gotten caught taking drugs and getting into trouble with the press because of it.  While it can be

Tips to Avoid Stress, Stay Healthy and Sell Fast

Estate agents are vulnerable to suffering from stress due to the amount of pressure their job attracts. That is, they work long hours, they are constantly receiving phone calls, they have to go through market cycles and

Which is More Important – Nutrition or Exercise?

In the quest for lean muscles and low body fat percentage, it’s tough to say whether nutrition or training should take a back seat. Sans regular exercise, weight los and bulk building will be much slower –

Sturgeon’s pressure on cancer drug is revealed

Emails show how clinical decision was reversed

Meningitis plea

Medical leaders and charities make urgent call for vaccination against bacterial infection that kills in hours