Why You Need Breakdown Coverage for Your Motorcycle

One of the potential issues of owning a vehicle is dealing with a mechanical issue. Breakdowns can happen to any vehicle, including motorcycles. With breakdown cover, you are protected if your motorcycle unexpectedly breaks down, whether you are near your home or away on a holiday.

Receive Roadside Motorcycle Recovery

If your motorcycle breaks down and leaves you stranded on the side of the road, you are left exposed to the elements. Car drivers do not always have to deal with the same inconvenience as they can wait inside their vehicles for help to arrive.

With motorcycle breakdown insurance, you receive roadside recovery when your bike breaks down or you are involved in an accident. You can relax knowing that help is on the way, no matter where in the UK your breakdown occurs. You may even add European cover to protect yourself when traveling to other countries.

Roadside or Home Motorcycle Repairs

Motorcycle cover also provides the convenience of roadside repairs or repairs at your home address. Experienced mechanics will do their best to repair your motorcycle at your location. If mobile repairs are not possible, your motorcycle will get taken to the nearest garage.

Alternative Travel and Accommodation

You may also add alternative travel and emergency overnight accommodation to your policy. If the vehicle cannot be repaired the same day and if your breakdown did not occur within 30 kilometres of your home, your insurance provider will provide funds towards the cost of alternative transport and emergency accommodations.

Driver Injury or Illness Assistance

Driver injury or illness assistance applies to situations where you suffer an injury or illness away from your home and you do not have a passenger who can drive the vehicle. Your insurance provider will arrange for the transport of your motorcycle to your home address. However, a medical certificate is required to receive these benefits.

Receive Assistance After Losing Your Keys

Motorcycle cover may also include assistance when you lose or break your keys. Your provider will cover the cost of transporting you back to your home address or the recovery operator’s base. This ensures that you are not stuck without transportation after losing or breaking the keys to your motorcycle.

These are some of the primary advantages of getting coverage for your motorcycle. Insurance is necessary for any vehicle, including motorcycles. With the right insurance plan, you never have to worry about the hassle of being left stranded by the side of the road.

Your insurance company can arrange for roadside recovery or home recovery. You can also receive transportation to your home or emergency overnight accommodations when you are traveling away from home.

If you currently own a motorcycle, consider getting motorcycle cover for breakdowns. It is an affordable way to give yourself peace of mind.