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I started to offer advertising space on True Guts to make a little bit of ice cream money and prove to myself that I could make an income doing something that I love.

That’s not my only motivation though, especially as the audience for the site has grown. I now want to make sure that all of the site’s visitors have access to the businesses and products that can help them chase their own rushes.

My advertising partners help me to do that by allowing me to show what they offer on blog posts that are relevant to their businesses. By advertising with us you get all of the below.

A Large, Targeted Audience

Marketing products in any niche can be difficult. You need to place careful consideration in the where and the who, in addition to what your product actually does. Neglecting the former may mean that your advertisements only reach people who would have no interest in your product to begin with.

True Guts can eliminate that problem by making sure your ads are only seen by people who are interested in your business. Any company in the extreme sports niche can benefit from the 12,000 unique monthly visitors that the site attracts, all of whom are crazy about extreme sports and want any products that can help them.

Your Ads, Your Choice

A lot of online ad services, like Google AdWords, offer a whole lot of data but not a lot of choice. In particular, you’re pretty limited when it comes to the structure that your ads take and the ways you can ensure it reaches the people that it needs to.

That’s why I’ve made customizability and flexibility the two core components of the advertising offering at True Guts. I want you to be in control of your ads, which is why I work closely with you on everything from designing the copy and graphics through to making sure the ad gets placed on areas of the site that see the most people who are relevant to your offering. Think of it like this. If you make a great product, wouldn’t it be awesome to have an ad for that product sitting right next to a glowing review from one of the True Guts contributors? I can offer you that and much more.

It’s Easy

I’ve worked with Google AdWords, AdSense and a bunch of other programs before. The one thing I noticed with all of them is that there is a definite barrier to entry, as you need to learn a ton of information just to get your ads built properly and make sure they serve your company. That results in a lot of time and money being spent on all of the tech work that goes into getting your ads online, which is time and money that could have been invested into other areas of your business.

I try to make the advertising experience on True Guts as easy as possible so you don’t need to do any of that. All of the little tweaks and minor issues that might take you a whole lot of time to fix with other advertising services are handled by me and my team. To put it simply, I’ll trawl through all of the data so that you don’t have to, meaning you can focus your time and effort elsewhere, while also seeing a great return on your investment thanks to me making sure your ads reach a large and targeted audience.

Getting Started

Taking the first step towards becoming a True Guts advertising partner couldn’t be simpler. Just get in touch with me and I’ll guide you the rest of the way.