5 Women Who Prove That Anyone Can Do Extreme Sports

When you think of the people who participate in extreme sports like snowboarding, motocross racing, and skydiving, an image of your favorite sportsman might come to mind – emphasis on man. For many years, most extreme sports were dominated by men. These days our progressive society has opened up doors for women to enjoy the sports they love as well.

Many modern sports women have amazing physical and mental prowess that’s helped them break records and achieve accolades many can only dream of. They are pioneers for future generations of female athletes who aspire to participate in extreme sports.

Ashley Fiolek – Motocross

This US-born motocross rider has achieved many titles over the years. This includes an X-Games Super-X Gold medal and the title of Women’s Pro National Motocross Champion, earning her a spot among the greats. Fiolek started her motocross career at a mere 7 years old, allowing her to retire before most people even reach their peak in their careers.

Want to know the best part? Ashley was born deaf and has used American sign language to communicate her entire life. These days, people born with hearing disabilities are faced with their own set of challenges. Be it in terms of communication, changing the batteries of hearing aids (see this site of EarPros for more information), or even buying new hearing aids to hear properly, people with this disability are trying their maximum best to advance in life. And, Ashley seems to be the living proof for it. She has never let her challenge come in way of her sports. She has proved that everyone and anyone can enjoy action sports, whether you’re a young rider or even a mom who browses Preparednessmama.Com.

Alana Blanchard – Surfing

Hailing from Hawaii is iconic surfer and fashion model Alana Blanchard, who has become a poster girl for many aspiring surfers around the world. Having started surfing when she was 4 years old, Blanchard went on to win many accolades, including Triple Crown Rookie Over The Year in 2006 and more recently, first place in Hawaii Women’s Pipeline Championships.

Shanaze Reade – BMX

This fierce cyclist has been tearing up the track since she was 17, earning her national championship wins before she even finished school. Reade went on to win events around the world, mostly in categories dominated by men. This includes British national number 1 in the Elite Men category and World Championship titles in South America.

She has also dabbled in motocross and track cycling, making her the queen of two wheeled-transport among fans of the sports.

Kelly Clark – Snowboarding

Kelly’s cool snowboarding skills resulted in her earning professional status at the age of 18, at which time she became a member of the U.S Snowboarding team. With 70 wins across her incredibly successful and inspiring career as a snowboarder, Clark is a veteran of the sport and a proud Olympic gold medalist.

Clair Marie – A Whole Lot

Marie’s passion of making her heart race has helped her become a base jumping, skydiving, rock climbing and wingsuit flying extraordinaire. Known as the youngest woman in base jumping, she became a pro in the sport at 16, an age where most people would be petrified at the thought. Clair is a truly amazing inspiration for countless girls around the world.

These amazing women’s legacies will be forever remembered in the sporting world. So, no matter who you are, regardless of age, gender or background, you can enjoy any extreme sports and with enough determination, become a pro like the ladies above.