5 Sports You Must Try this Summer

Summer is wonderful, the sun is shining, the weather is great and it’s basically perfect for outdoor activities. To embrace this season properly, you have to try and do as much as possible when it comes to outdoor activities. It would be a shame if these sunny days went to waste. That’s why you need to introduce a few new sports into your exercising repertoire. Let’s take a look.


Hopefully, you’ll spend at least a part of this summer on a beach. And if you’re on the beach, the only logical thing to do is to grab a board and ride the wave. Surfing is great for your upper back, shoulders, triceps, chest, core and legs. Yes, it may take few days to learn the ropes but once you’re proficient enough, it’s fun-galore. Just get through the crawl stroke and treading water techniques, it gets easier once you learn that. Also, if it’s possible, use a longboard since it provides more balance than shorter boards.


You must’ve watched at least one dirt bike racing event on TV once in your life. And you probably thought how cool it would be to ride one of those bikes. Well, guess what. Find a local track and try! Summer means that it will scarcely rain so go for it. Feel the adrenaline, feel the speed, feel the smell of mud and let the curves and jumps do the rest when it comes to fun. Just remember, once you get addicted, you’ll want to find a good dealer where you’ll buy your dirt bike, bike parts and other cool motorcross accessories. You’ll have a blast – guaranteed!

Rock Climbing

You don’t have to live near a mountain in order to try rock climbing. The chances are that your community probably has a rock climbing gym where you can test your climbing skills. So, do some research to find one near you and start preparing. Rock climbing isn’t as hard as it seems and it’s great for your upper body. You’ll improve your strength and flexibility and you’ll have lots of fun while at it. It is estimated that a person burns 550 calories for an hour of rock climbing. Sounds good, right?

Football (aka Soccer)

The World Cup is on, the whole world is watching and the stage is set for the biggest sporting event of the year. So, why don’t you too try to kick the ball a few times yourself? Even if it’s not as popular in your area, you don’t need much to do it. You just need a football (ball), they are not expensive at all. Find a grass field, invite a friend and you two could pass the ball one to another. Even that is fun, if you can’t find a football pitch with proper goals, make them yourself. Put your gym bag on the ground and then move few feet away and put something else down on the ground. Voila, you have two makeshift posts that are acting as a goal. Invite few of your friends and you guys could play 2 versus 2 or 3 versus 3. You’ll soon realize why so many people love this sport.

Beach Volley

Do you want to try something new at the beach? Something that will improve the whole experience? If so, you just have to try beach volleyball. First of all, know that sand is a less forgiving surface than a gymnasium floor. So, you won’t be as fast and you’ll really have to pull your weight to jump. And all of that means that you’ll do wonders to your arms, chest, back and legs. Conserve your energy by taking smaller steps, drink lots of water to stay hydrated and have fun. It is believed that you burn around 550 calories for one hour of beach volley. Oh and put that sunscreen on, you don’t want to get sunburns.

These sports are fun, they’ll get under your skin in no time and you’ll be very sad once the summer is over. So start immediately, it’s perfecto outside and this is the perfect time for you to try new things. No matter what sport from the list you opt for, you won’t be making a mistake!