4 New and Different Types of Recreation To Try

Sometimes we need to do to get out of a mental or physical funk is to try a different type of recreation. There are so many different things to do that it may feel overwhelming at points. But, you have to resist the resistance of your ego and go out there and try something that you’ve never done before.

A few examples might quickly come to mind. You could try buying an electric skateboard to see how that works out. You could play a few rounds of disc golf with your friends. You might even try video games to see what all of the attention and attraction is these days. And then a lot of different sports have a variation where you use equipment that glows in the dark!

Electric Skateboards

Even if you’ve never skateboarded before, you can buy an electric skateboard and see what it’s like without a lot of the physical exertion or complications of skateboarding the past. Usually, you have a remote control in your hand that controls speed, and you do all the turning with your body weight. If you live in the cities, this can be a great and fun way to get around, and then you pick your skateboard up when you get to your destination.

Disc Golf

Most people have tossed a frisbee around. Many people go golfing. But have you tried combining the two? Going disc golfing is something that people get addicted to quickly. There are courses all over the world, and people develop casual and not-so-casual leagues that they play on. You don’t have to be super physically fit, and the emphasis is often more on having fun than getting a good score, which is an excellent attitude to have.


In the last few years, video games have taken their level of competition and entertainment way up. You can see video game competitions that fill arenas with screaming people. If you’ve never played some of the advanced games that these teams are competing at, then give it a try sometime! You may find out what all the fuss is about, and then you have one more form of recreation that you can do when it’s raining outside. And, if you’re worried about security, then you may wish to look into a vpn for gaming and the benefits it can offer you in addition to extra security. For example, a VPN may give you access to games in a different country that you would not be able to access without it, and you may well discover a new favorite that you wouldn’t have known about were it not for your VPN.

Glow Sports

One variation on a lot of fun recreational activities that you can do is add the element of being at night and using glowing equipment. For example, you can go glow-bowling for a hilarious time under disco lights at your nearest bowling alley. Alternatively, you can go glow-golfing and get a glow-in-the-dark golf ball and have to wander around with flashlights and spotlights. Being in the dark and using a glowing ball or other styled equipment puts a new wrinkle on many activities that makes you appreciate them that much more.