3 Best Ways To Lose Weight Fast The Healthy Way

When it comes to losing weight usually slow and steady is the best way to go.  When you lose weight too quickly using methods which are unhealthy it can be a shock on your body and potentially cause problems.  However, sometimes you may need to slim down quickly for an important event.  Or perhaps you just want to see quick results because you’re impatient.

Whatever your motivation is for wanting to lose weight quickly, here are some of healthiest ways to lose weight fast.

Go Running

Running frequently is something that will not only get your body burning fat fast but will also have numerous benefits beyond just the benefit of weight loss.  Your mind is often cleared and you have a sense of euphoria following a run.  This “runner’s high” can even become an addiction.

Try incorporating a 30 minute run into your life every day and you will start to see your body weight drop incredibly quickly.  Since running burns more calories the faster and longer that you run, the faster and longer that you run will determine how much weight you lose as a result.

Cut Back On Calories

When you cut back on your calories and consume less than you are burning on a daily basis then your body will be left with no other choice but to start burning the fat on your body for energy rather than the food that you give it.

Try to use technology to your advantage with applications like Myfitnesspal which can help you form your nutrition goals and input your food diary every day, keeping track of total calories consumed.

Not only is it a great tool for being able to monitor how much food you have consumed throughout the day but it is also a great way to form a community for support.  When you meet people in the same community who share the same goals you will find that you are much more motivated to continue on your weight loss journey.

Go On a Juice Cleanse

Many people go on a juice cleanse for several days at a time, sometimes even for a month at a time.  During this cleanse they consume nothing but liquid juice which is full of nutrients of raw fruits and vegetables.

This will not only clear out your body of unwanted toxins but also excess fat.

Always make sure to get clearance from your doctor before embarking on a cleanse longer than 3 days.  This sustained period of not eating solid food may not be suitable for all health conditions.

Most people report that after a juice cleanse they didn’t only lose weight but also found themselves more clear-headed and happy.