3 Sports That Encourage Overall Fitness

The body is a complex system of muscles, blood, tissue, organs, bones, nerves, tendons, and ligaments. All of the above need to remain healthy in order for the overall fitness of the body to be achieved. Yet, there are many forms of exercise and sports that only work with one system of the body.

At best, they might include two or three. Lifting weights is a great way to build strength in the worked muscle groups. Jogging is a very effective way to build stamina and lung capacity. However, with the time constraints of the present, it seems that having access to sports that have the ability to workout the whole body would be very advantageous. Here are three suggestions below.


There are many forms of dance. Jazz, Contemporary, Ballroom, and Tribal are just a few. What you will realize quickly when you sign up for a dance class is the amount of effort it takes just to keep up with the stretching involved.

Dance will work every part of you. Stretching increases your flexibility. Many moves will help you gain better balance which is impossible without strengthening every muscle group you have. As you learn each routine, you will find your stamina increasing, as well.


This goes hand in hand with improved breathing techniques which will improve the amount of oxygen that makes it to your brain. With more O2 swimming around your system, you will be able to concentrate better, improve memory, and sleep more soundly.


Mixed Martial Arts


MMA is a very popular sport. Everyone from children of 3 years old to men and women in their 60’s have given MMA a shot. This sport is extreme. From the workout to prepare for a match to the actual match itself, mixed martial arts will test and train every part of your body.


For the time being, we will choose to focus on what’s involved in a match. From the time a referee says “Fight,” your body will call on all its faculties to attempt to beat your opponent. You will be challenged in flexibility every time your opponent manages to put you in a submission hold. Your stamina will be tested as each round is five minutes long with only a one minute rest period in between each.


Strength will be improved with each punch, kick, and submission move you attempt and your breathing has to be well controlled in order to make it through any of that. You can join an MMA class at almost any local gym. One option might be the UFC Gym in Clearwater, FL at Training in the Bay.



Lastly, if you are looking for a way to get a full body workout in one setting, swimming might be the sport for you. Swimming is a great workout for those who are overweight or have trouble completing weight bearing activities due to pressure on the joints.


There are four different kinds of swim strokes that will take you through the process of working every muscle group. In addition, you gain control of your breathing and increased stamina with extended routines of 20 or more laps. Taking a dive in the pool will also raise your heart rate. So, you’re guaranteed to work every muscle and improve blood circulation, as well.


In the end, each of these will save you time and give you the workout your body not only needs, but craves.