3 Best Hangover Cures

When you work hard, you play hard, and unfortunately, that sometimes means that you suffer the next day. Hangovers are the bane of every drinker, they are the price you pay for overindulging, and not listening to that inner voice that told you to put the drink down and reach for a glass of water.

Hangovers are a collection of physiological and psychological effects that occur due to alcohol-induced dehydration, changes to glucose metabolism and the partial oxidation of ethanol as your liver attempts to process the alcohol. Depending on your age and general physical health, they can last between a few hours and a couple of days, which can seriously disrupt your plans.

So, what are the best hangover cures that you can do to help restore your health and wellbeing?

Get rehydrated

That banging headache you experience is due to being dehydrated, so you’re going to need to drink plenty of fluids, like this morning rescue shot, to replace what you’ve lost. Alcohol is a diuretic which means that it increases the amount of water and vital electrolytes that you pass through urine. The consequence is that your body simply does not have enough water in it to function as it should. In the ideal world you would drink a glass of water between drinks, but as you more than likely forget to do this, you need to focus your energy on rehydrating.

The quickest and best way to rehydrate is to have IV hydration therapy to restore the fluids and the salts that you have lost, resetiv.com can do this for you. Alternatively, you need to drink water which you should sip to prevent more nausea.


While drinking water is necessary, it does not contain the electrolytes or salts that your body is craving. Eating a good breakfast will replenish the salts in the body that aid hydration. You should also eat a banana to give you a potassium boost. Potassium is an electrolyte that helps to conduct electricity through your body, you need it for your heart to function properly, and drinking alcohol increases your cardiac output which means it has had to work harder than usual. During your drinking session, your body’s potassium level will have been depleted.


Some people swear that to cure their hangover, physical exercise is the answer. The idea is that working out releases the feel-good hormones called endorphins and helps your body sweat out the toxins. However, if you are already dehydrated and have depleted electrolytes, a workout could just intensify your hangover. A brisk walk and fresh air will get your body pumping enough. You should spend the day resting and if possible, sleeping – it’s the time that your body needs to really heal and not exert any more energy.

There might come a day when you’re away on, say a wedding holiday or a long-winded family gathering in a faraway hotel and you end up drinking a bit too much. It might be a while before you get your hands on some breakfast or electrolytes the next morning for a hangover cure. So, you would do better to prepare for such a situation as you are, after all, packing to go to an event. You might find certain sites like kitshe which specialize in hangover kits. While hangover kits may seem elaborate, they could definitely be a lifesaver at times when your head is splitting due to the previous night’s shenanigans.

Once you are fed and watered, you should rest. You could be ironic and watch the movie Hangover and just be glad that your antics weren’t quite as extreme or reckless. While you are suffering from a hangover, you need to make a mental note to drink more water next time you are out, and who knows, next time your inner voice may even speak a little louder.