Travelling: What’s in my Bag?

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you will undoubtedly carry a bag or backpack, but what do you choose to put in it? If you’re travelling long distance it’s a decision not to be taken lightly, as you don’t want a bag that’s too heavy, or to miss out on items that you later wish you’d brought with you! Of course, some things are obvious: clothing, for example, is a must, and your passport and other documents should have their own compartment. Also, you need to make sure you have a good, strong and light backpack, so it’s worth shopping around for one if you don’t already have one, or if yours is tired or worn.

So, what’s in my bag when I go on my travels? That depends on whether I am travelling for fun or necessity. If it’s a business trip, I have a dedicated business backpack with a protective section for my laptop and a security lock, and I carry a minimum amount of other stuff for lightness. If it’s a fun trip, whether at home or abroad, I have an outdoor backpack, and you may be surprised at some of the items that go in it! Aside from the obvious, there are a couple of things you may not have considered, but I’m sure you will once you’ve read this!

Travel Essentials

What are my travel essentials? Let’s assume I’m off on a weekend jaunt, with some mates, to relax and enjoy myself. My first choice is, of course, a change of clothes or two – nothing special, just casuals – plus a second pair of shoes for if the weather has a go at the first pair! Then, I need my sunglasses, phone and tablet, each of which has its own special place in my bag. Now, here’s the thing: I always take with me a device you might not have thought about, but if you want music where you’re going, it’s one you need to consider: travel speakers.

What am I talking about? Well, it’s all very well playing music on your phone, tablet or MP3 player, but what if you want to play it at a higher quality, and so everyone can enjoy it? The best travel speakers allow you to do just that, and they are very impressive little gadgets that you will get great use out of.

Wireless Technology

Travel speakers use Bluetooth technology to stream music from your phone or tablet, for example, and they provide quality sound at very little cost. They can run for several hours on one charge, so are a perfect choice for a weekend away. You can find information on the 10 best travel speakers at a great website called, and they also have reviews of a wide variety of other gadgets, household items, garden tools and more. Have a look now for more information on these excellent travel speakers, and we believe you’ll be so impressed you will buy one right now!