Travelling: What’s in my Bag?

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you will undoubtedly carry a bag or backpack, but what do you choose to put in it? If you’re travelling long distance it’s a decision not to be taken lightly,

6 Tips For New Motocross Riders

My first motorbike sparked a change in me that has defined my life ever since. Granted, it was a mini-motorcycle that my dad bought for me when I was three, but still.

Discover your Achievement Zone with Sport and Trading

Extreme sports are what many people live for. Balancing on top of an overhang, with nothing below for 50 metres might scare many to death, but that’s the attraction. Many extreme sport enthusiasts will tell you that

The Exponential Growth of the British Horse-racing Industry

With the Cheltenham Horse racing Festival just around the corner, excitement is building steadily. But do we ever think of the deadly dangers jockeys face? Would we ever place horse-racing among the most extreme sports? Sadly, over

It’s All About Balance

It’s All About Balance When it comes to getting fit and healthy, the old cliché “it’s a marathon not a sprint” couldn’t make for better advice. Trying to take on huge challenges all at once can guarantee

Fancy your Chances at the Races?

March 2017 sees the World Famous Gold Cup in Cheltenham, UK. This well-known sporting event is the highlight to the racing calendar and seems many novice gamblers and experienced betters attend. If you fancy taking part this

Tips to Avoid Stress, Stay Healthy and Sell Fast

Estate agents are vulnerable to suffering from stress due to the amount of pressure their job attracts. That is, they work long hours, they are constantly receiving phone calls, they have to go through market cycles and

7 Amazing Tips for Ultralight Hiking

When we mention hiking, most people imagine a girl or a guy with an enormous backpack struggling to climb a mountain. This is a common perception or should I say misconception of hiking. Truth be told, there

Which is More Important – Nutrition or Exercise?

In the quest for lean muscles and low body fat percentage, it’s tough to say whether nutrition or training should take a back seat. Sans regular exercise, weight los and bulk building will be much slower –

Shaw will go like the wind

The world’s top-ranked windsurfer appears like an image from a holiday brochure: fit, bronzed, slicing through the waves, the golden girl.