7 Amazing Tips for Ultralight Hiking

When we mention hiking, most people imagine a girl or a guy with an enormous backpack struggling to climb a mountain. This is a common perception or should I say misconception of hiking. Truth be told, there

Which is More Important – Nutrition or Exercise?

In the quest for lean muscles and low body fat percentage, it’s tough to say whether nutrition or training should take a back seat. Sans regular exercise, weight los and bulk building will be much slower –

6 Tips For New Motocross Riders

My first motorbike sparked a change in me that has defined my life ever since. Granted, it was a mini-motorcycle that my dad bought for me when I was three, but still.

Shaw will go like the wind

The world’s top-ranked windsurfer appears like an image from a holiday brochure: fit, bronzed, slicing through the waves, the golden girl.

The original windsurfers

Swans are often seen gliding gracefully across water, but what is less well known is that they may have a trick for getting an extra boost of speed — windsurfing.

Holidaymakers go the extra mile for a stronger pound

South Africa, Argentina and Mexico are expected to be among the most popular holiday destinations next year as Britons seek out countries where the pound is still strong.

How to have a wild time on a Far East trip

Plus: Agriturismi in Sardinia; lessons in Portuguese cuisine; let down by price guarantee

Chris Tyler

Counter-culture luminary who, in 1971, founded Skewjack surf village in Cornwall with the promise of two girls for every boy

How surfing swapped spliffs for natural highs in pursuit of Olympic pipe dream

Hollywood depictions have been consigned to history to help acquire place on biggest stage, Alex Wade reports

Snowboarder Estelle Balet, 21, killed by avalanche as she filmed descent

An extreme snowboarding champion was killed yesterday when an avalanche swept her 800 metres down the mountain while she was filming a dangerous descent in the Swiss Alps.